Remembering Oliver McGowan

Gaslighting happens to anyone. But neurodivergent folks do experience it more. My own experience is that I didn't experience gaslighting until I request an ASD assessment in my 50s. I still don't have an official diagnosis, yet the behaviour I have been subjected to since my assessment request, has been shocking.

So, I want to spread awareness about the Oliver McGowan campaign

Like Oliver, my description of the symptoms, effects of medications, side-effects, feedback have been completely ignored. Evetually, abusive and coercive behaviour begun with accusations of delusions and attempt to force antipsychotic drugs on me.

I am lucky that I am louder and scarier than young Oliver McGowan, and that my condition and history has enabled me to fight back, to a point. 

I have photographs, data, and science is on my side, so the accusations made have had limited impact so far other than on my mental health. Yet, to think that doctors can inflict so much pain and play such power games with their patients in appalling. 

Bare with me, I will add more soon! 💜


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