I 💝 the NHS

I should probably disclose that I LOVE the NHS. I LOVE the people that work for the NHS despite the damage that has been done to it by bad politicians and poor funding.

I support NHS' staff fight for better treatment and I don't mind if my appoinments get cancelled to support their fight. I am lucky that my health is kinda good, so I am happy to step back and wait.

It has been only recently that I have been reminded how good most people that work in the NHS are. How difficult their job is.

Both, in medicine and mental health, there are good people who are committed to helping patients.

Regrettably, what I have seen from these good people is frustration. They want to help. Yet they can't.

There are politics, castles or cards, and a corrupt system designed to process people quickly with no repercussions for bad practice.

So, a corrupt senior doctor/nurse can invalidate and suppress the work of their committed and caring underlings.

To all of you who struggle to help all of us: THANK YOU! Words cannot express sufficiently my gratitude for your hard work. I hope my support helps you as much as you want to help me as a patient! 💜 


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