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  So, I decided to start the Name & Shame the Bad Doctor series with Orestes Cuppis because he makes a very good display of how manipulation, discrimination, and some kind of perverse power game motivates some of our "doctors". To put it into context, I don't speak medicalese ... I am in my 50s and I have always enjoyed reasonable good health. The only medication I have been familiar with has been the occasional sachet of lemsip, or some antibiotics before getting dental treatment. Since I started to practice Reiki, my most common remedies have been meditation, healthy eating, occasional fast, self-love ... And my autistic nature has added a healthy dislike for chemical products; their tastes and smells are repulsive. So, I don't really know what doctors do other than what I have learnt from programmes like ER and Scrubs. I don't know what their specialisms are, and I have absolutely not a clue of their higherarchy or structure, Also, I'm not big on titles