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More real-life examples of abusive behaviour

This letter is another example of how gaslighting occurs and how doctors share information deceptively between providers and departments. Apologies for the letter being so reducted. The first point to note is the multiple diagnoses and the plan.  The plan includes 4 different types of medication that are not needed. 2 out of these 4 had been discontinued for over a year. The doctor prescribed those meds in some kind of "revenge" for reporting side effect with the given medication. Interestingly, I reported side effect, however she decided to write in the email "prefers to avoid oral antibiotic".  I can only interpret that as a malicious comment intent on defamation of character. I reported side-effect. I do not have a problem with taking medication orally. Again, this was clearly an act of  victimisation for requesting different medication. During this appointment, the doctor also told me, under her breath, that I was obese. When I asked about it, she ignored me. Sh

Examples of Gaslighting

 I thought this is a good opportunity to show some of the signs of gaslighting that are apparent when reading consultants' letter being sent to the GP. The first couple of items are as expected. The consultant makes appropriate referrals. Hoowever, the rest of the letter is an exercise in manipulation and deception. Let's start with Diagnosis 3. The doctor was told of debilitating side effects of the medication prescribed. Yet, she ignored that and "advised to continue" . Certainly that is objectionable! When we look at Diagnosis 4 the doctor decided that " the patient believes " which is not worthy of referral. So, in a stroke of manipulation they write to the GP to alert them that their patient is being "crazy" and concludes the sentence with " GP to kindlhy consider referral " Again, manipulation and deception. Why the need to lie? Not only that, I have just researched my symptoms because I was asked the entrapment question " what