So, I decided to start the Name & Shame the Bad Doctor series with Orestes Cuppis because he makes a very good display of how manipulation, discrimination, and some kind of perverse power game motivates some of our "doctors".

To put it into context, I don't speak medicalese ... I am in my 50s and I have always enjoyed reasonable good health. The only medication I have been familiar with has been the occasional sachet of lemsip, or some antibiotics before getting dental treatment. Since I started to practice Reiki, my most common remedies have been meditation, healthy eating, occasional fast, self-love ... And my autistic nature has added a healthy dislike for chemical products; their tastes and smells are repulsive.

So, I don't really know what doctors do other than what I have learnt from programmes like ER and Scrubs. I don't know what their specialisms are, and I have absolutely not a clue of their higherarchy or structure, Also, I'm not big on titles. I'd rather call someone John than Dr Something. Similarly, I don't want to be called by my first name by someone whom I cannot call by first name too. It's only fair. Most of these doctors are in fact kids. And their behaviour clearly shows prattish and spoilt demeanours.

My idea of what a doctor does is that they are supposed to heal us. So, if suddenly from healthy you turn ill, you might think that it is appropriate to go and see the doctors. If you have infections, you might think "oh yeah, my doctor should be able to help". If medication doesn't work, or has side effects, again, I'd think that the doctor is the correct person to seek.

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology, but I would term that as "monitoring a person's conditions". Is that really crazy? I don't think so. I believe it is part and parcel of a GPs role.

one day I was called by my GP surgery who wanted to give me an appointment for some mysterious reasons


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