Getting to your data


GDPR is supposed to give us full access to our data. Yet, this is not quite the case.

I was finally able to get my data from the GP after:

  1. Making a request to my GP that was ignored
  2. Changed GP asking to get access to my data, to which they agreed.
  3. Then request, after request was ignored (by phone, in person, by email, and through an eConsult).
  4. I kept being referred to the practice manager who duly avoided me
  5. Made a complaint
  6. Complaint was ignored
  7. Referred the matter to the Information Commissioner through a complaint
  8. The ICO uphelp my complaint.
It was not until this stage that I was given access to my data. And even then, there are a lot of edits that have been made just in the few days previous to my request.

It took 18 months and a lot of stress, but finally received the records the other day.

It is unsettling to see the data related to my gaslighting going back 3 years. So, now the battle continues in trying to get a proper diagnosis.

If you have to make a complaint, or request your data, here are some links:

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